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Fatcow – The Best Hosting Company for all your Hosting Needs

Do you have an online business?  If yes, you are surely aware of how important an excellent web hosting company service is. By just looking at the internet, you will stumble upon many companies out there providing the said service. Just take a look on what Fatcow has to offer. People who have not heard of these web hosting companies might raise their eyebrows saying that the service might be expensive. Do not worry because you can always make use of a Fatcow coupon. A Fatcow coupon code will definitely give you the chance to save money.

Learn more about Fatcow

FatCow-promo-codeFatcow has established a name for itself already. This is no longer surprising knowing the deals being offered by this web hosting company. If you are to make use of their deal today, you will be able to save 50% already. Yes, this is a sale! Fatcow coupon is excluded yet. Just imagine if you even have a Fatcow coupon code! Remember though that this sale is only on for a period of time. All in all, you will only have to pay $49 yearly. This is inclusive of the free domain already. To even assure you, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are to make use of their service.

This is how confident the service provider is when it comes to the things that they can offer you. Among the features of Fatcow include a free domain name for your business, oodles of storage and bandwidth, a blog, site templates, unlimited mailboxes which are all being powered by 100% wind energy. These deals can be found on every Fatcow plan out there. If you want to save money while making use of their service, you will be offered a discount through Fatcow coupon. You will see this Fatcow coupon code after you have signed up on the website of Fatcow.

Fatcow Hosting Plans

fatcow-hosting-featuresFatcow has its original hosting plan. This hosting plan costs $12 per month. If you are to think of it, you will be able to save 30% of your money. You can expect for the plan to be faster, safer and at the same time stronger. It is faster because Fatcow has a website accelerator. You can expect your website to be 25-50% faster. You will also be secured because it is using RapidSSL which can provide you an enhanced data encryption. Fatcow makes use of an advanced protection as well coming from SiteLock Professional. This is helpful in removing malware. You will be able to make use all of these if you are to choose this provider! See? There is really more than just a fatcow coupon! Try to check on the website now!

With Fatcow, you will be able to enjoy various freebies. For instance, you will be given $100 bonus on Google Adwords, $25 Search Credit on Yahoo and Bing, $50 Advertising Credit on Facebook, free business listing at yp.com, blogging tools at WordPress, Content Management System at Joomla and Free Toll-Free Phone Number at Nextiva. The latter is a new offering from Fatcow.

Fatcow has changed the way hosting plans were used to be offered. You see, aside from the fatcow coupon and fatcow coupon code that you can avail, you will also stumble upon unique plans that will surely be able to address your personal web designing needs. The web hosting plans of Fatcow is way different from the rest. It does not matter whether you are to use the service for personal or business use. They make sure that they give you a one plan, one price service. Meaning, the same plan is being used by large online businesses out there. With such, you can make sure that Fatcow is willing to reach out to each and every customer.

As mentioned, you will be able to avail their plan with only $49. This is a yearly rate. There is a special introductory rate if you are interested. Included in this plan is website hosting. This is considered to be an all-in-one hosting solution. Everything that you need to put on your website will be handed to you. Apart from this feature, you will also enjoy different point and click site building tools! These tools can be of help in creating your website. Using these tools, you will be able to create a professional-looking website of your own. There is a wide array of templates and themes that you can use with this service provider!

Website Building Tools:

feature of fatcowSee how a Fatcow coupon works? There is no need for you to program or use an HTML! This is a sure good news for beginners out there! What comes with these tools are also integrated Google webmaster tools. These tools are functional if you want to know how visible your page is on Google. Remember, the mentioned search engine is popular. If you know how you stand on the said search engine, then you will surely go miles from there! Do not worry because as for the installation of applications, you will be able to see step-by-step instructions where you will be able to install photo galleries and blog software easily! If your business is intended for online selling, then there are tools which you can use too coming from Fatcow! Among these tools include shopping carts, sales options, catalogs with coupons, Paypal integration and a lot more! So you see how convenient that can be?

Using a fatcow coupon, you will also be able to transfer your domain for free. This comes alongside with a free domain too. Apart from these things, you will be able to be supported by legendairy. Do not worr because with Fatcow, you will be exposed with easy use site builders. There is also a money back guarantee just in case you are really doubtful about the service the provider has in store for you! Are you interested? If yes, sign up on their website! After signing up, you will be given a fatcow coupon!