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Dog Obedience Classes In Singapore Are The Best

To train your dog is the finest idea to ensure that you get a nicely behaved pet that can make you highly contented and make your time fun filled. There are many ways of dog training in Singapore and the very effective way is the dog obedience class training. You may opt for dog obedience classes to assist you and your dog to be the finest friends and have mastery over your dog in all types of situations without any problems.

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You will be able to find some online dog obedience classes also which will save you time and money. You may search for the dog obedience classes in your vicinity yourself or by visiting some of the training schools for your pets.

Discover The Amazing Healing Properties Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore Alternatives 

Traditional Chinese Medicine popularly referred to as TCM is an array of natural treatment solutions that emanated from China, they include dietary therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and many others. For centuries, the people have used these techniques to cure malignant ailments and restore flow of lie within their bodies. This is one of the reasons why they are the most long-lived races in the world today. Below are some of the most popular Traditional Chinese medicine Singapore alternatives.

chinese food therapy

Gold Coin Grass

Also known in the village as Jin Qian Cao, it’s a powerful plant known for its numerous medicinal properties. GCG’s scientific name is Herba Lysimachiae and the herb is believed to have got its name from the leaves which resemble real gold coins. Various organs within the body can get overwhelmed due to toxin accumulation, something that may occur due to overconsumption of processed foods. However, studies show that a daily dosage of GCG can help reverse the condition once and for all.


Health problems often occur when vital organs such as the liver and kidney fail to function as required, if this happens then breaking down metabolic wastes can be a challenge. Moreover, unhealthy dietary trends and inadequate fluid intake can pile up pressure on the organs thus making one susceptible to gallstones and kidney stones. To avoid such problems, you can sprinkle a few of these leaves onto your food during mealtime or alternatively pound them and mix with water for drinking.



Cordyceps is also referred to as the winter-worm summer plant, it was discovered in Southwest China some centuries ago but still continues to cause wonders till date. Scientists have ranked it as a species of medicinal fungi that’s very effective in treating chronic hepatitis and hepatic fibrosis. The substance also helps in increasing blood circulation to different parts of the body, consequently regulating normal body functions which require ample supply of the life-giving force. Your kidneys would also be strengthened and revitalized, hence decreasing the chances of contracting phlegm and hemorrhaging.


Moreover, anti-inflammatory properties of the cordyceps can help fight cough, asthma and chronic bronchitis syndrome. It soothes the victim’s bronchial walls and enhances respiratory function for good. Sportsmen who use this substance have also been found to perform better than others, this is because the compound helps in increasing strength levels and fast-tracking cellular formation. Other benefits include antioxidant properties, reduction of anxiety, restfulness and curbing fatigue. These Traditional Chinese medicine Singapore drugs can heal your diseases if used correctly.

What is TCM? Who All Need to Visit TCM Singapore Clinics? 

TCM is an abbreviation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When you come across the term TCM what is the first thing that comes in your mind? As a common belief, it is an unnerving term that entails something non-traditional and distinct from the modern form of medicine. A majority of people do not know much about it. In Singapore, there are several TCM colleges which are aimed at teaching this vague category of alternative medicine. Not only colleges, tcm Singapore clinics are also popular.


What is TCM? A Quick Look:


As the name itself indicates, TCM is a traditional form of Chinese medicine that is put into an indistinct category of alternative medicine by the people who are not aware of it. This is actually a vague category where you tend to find some practices which may be questionable, but certain well-known and notable categories like acupuncture falls under this category. Just as acupuncture, TCM Singapore clinics use a different medical plan to cure diseases.

Acupuncture Facial SG

Can Be Used With Modern Medical Plans:


Though it is as a traditional form of Chinese medicine, but this form works well with the modern medical advice given by the doctors. All across the world, there are several followers of TCM who are getting benefitted by it. As the result of tcm clinics are mushrooming up everywhere including Singapore. TCM Singapore clinics are popular all across the world.


Who All Need to Visit TCM Singapore Clinics?


There are so many who believe in enriching their own lives and improving their medical care. There are tons of health issues which aggravate with the growing age. Health conscious people believe in paying regular visits to TCM Singapore clinics to get relieved. Here are some of the health issues where you need a complete tcm care.


Menstrual Pain and Postnatal Discomfort:


The tcm pills have a magical impact in controlling hormonal imbalance and hence they relieve you from the menstrual pain and postnatal discomfort. These pills are extremely nourishing and revive your body. These are powerful and regulate your immune system. But, always remember that these pills work when the women is menstruating and should be taken before or after the periods.


Promoting Good Health:


There are some people who use it to heal different diseases and to get relieved from constant pain. But, there are some others who use it just as to promote their health.


Independent Chinese Practitioners can be reached out to for:


  • Weight loss


  • Quit smoking


  • Adopting healthy lifestyle.

Chinese Natural Therapy: Tui Na Singapore 

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na Singapore is basically a special massage therapy borrowed from the ancient Chinese culture. Tui Na was a natural remedy for injuries caused by animal attacks and natural disaster injuries. Tui Na therapy is carried out when an individual feels energy drained, tired and lethargic. When an expert caries out a Tiu Na, the patient feels well-balanced, rejuvenated and relaxed. Tui Na is not an ordinary massage, the procedure does not focus on just the bones, joints and muscles, and there is more to it. It involves shaking, pulling, orchestrated kneading, and gliding to soothe the pain and bring natural healing.


Conditions Tui Na Corrects and the Therapeutic Effects

Tui Na helps in treating several conditions, including neck pain, back and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, acute torticollis, knee pain, intervertebral disc, sciatica, joint misalignment, vertigo, acute strain/sprain, post-stroke symptoms, and migraine. Tiuna therapeutic effects include joint lubrication facilitation, unblock the meridians, promote Qi flow, enhance blood circulation, boost immunity and normalize visceral functions. Anyone, including children will find Tui Na essential. However, consult a specialist doctor before undergoing a Tui Na if suffering critical illness, serious heart disease, therefore suitable for those suffering from bleeding disorders, skin wound, abdominal compartment, burns, ulcerations, pregnant women,


Does Tui Na Have any Side Effects?

Tui Na is a safe therapeutic remedy, when done by experienced and skilled practitioner; there is a guarantee of 100% success rate. It is a good idea to only go with reputable and well known Tui Na doctors. Like any other medical solutions, poorly done Tui Na can lead to ligament tears, bone fractures, infections, fevers, spine injuries, malignant tumors or spinal cord compression. Go through the right procedure to select your desired Tui Na practitioner to avoid any in-eventuality. Tui Na does not necessarily require the use of force; it needs TCM skills, utilization of the palm, fingers, arm and wrist for treatment. It is basically control of pressure and strength.


After Tui Na Treatment

A patient who has undergone Tui Na needs to drink a lot of water, take some hours of rest and avoid hot shower for a couple of hours, after the procedure. It is normal to experience soreness, tiredness, swelling, mild skin redness and soreness. Get the attention of your physician if you experience undesired reactions like lightheadedness and nausea.

Discover Tui Na Singapore, a natural therapy, when done by the right physician, the results are amazing. The practice has been around for decades now, and the world is just embracing a natural way to deal with body pain. Go out check Long Zhong Tang Pte Ltd.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is simply a well-established solution of medicine that exhibits the accumulated medical knowledge of numerous practitioners beyond 5,000 years. Whenever you hear the phrase “traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),” what enters your mind? For many people in Singapore, this is a disturbing term because it suggests something traditional and separate from the modern medicine that most people are so familiar with. However, there is a development behind traditional Chinese medicine and the number of individuals who rely on it may startle you.

chinese food therapy


Is this one thing that you could make use of to enrich your life and enhance your health care? Let’s take a look at a few common uses for traditional Chinese medicine to see how it could possibly contribute to you and your household.


– Menstrual & Postnatal Relief

Many women in Singapore find Bak Foong pills to be vital in controlling hormones and easing the pains typically experienced in the course of a menstrual circle. These pills are also exceptionally useful for nourishing and reviving the body after having a child. They are powerful because they can help regulate the hormones and build up the body immune system, which in turn helps women on a monthly basis as well as after giving birth.

– Excess weight reduction

Till today, The Chinese natural (TCM) herbs or Traditional Chinese Medicines have always been popular among people that wish to achieve weight loss goals, without experiencing harmful health repercussions. This is simply because these fat burning herbs are known to be very safe for all users.

Among the most renowned natural herbs is the Citrus Aurantium. Citrus Aurantium is composed of synephrine, which results in fat burning. The research study was conducted at the University of McGill. This herb enhances the thermo origin of the brown fatty tissue, the fat that is the most difficult to burn. This type of herb is extremely safe for anyone’s use. Tired of trying out weight loss drugs? Give TCM a try and you will be delighted at the end results that you will get.



For most people in Singapore, Western Medical science is technical, more extensively approved and belongs to the mainstream techniques toward health and well being. Hence, it is the defacto choice for them. Though I have an extreme appreciation for the advancement Western Medicine have established up to today, I have come across a lot of circumstances that makes me very much convinced that TCM is the unrivaled choice to Western Medicine when it comes to attaining good health. I will say TCM is more effective at keeping people in the pink of health while Western Medicine is best in treating sick people. For your TCM needs, you can visit Long Zhong Tang Pte. Ltd. 

Tcm in Singapore: Answers to your health problems

Tcm in Singapore entails the use of ancient Chinese medical practices to diagnose and treat diseases in Singapore. The healing system was born in China thousands of years ago (somewhere around 2000+ years ago). Apart from the treatments, the traditional Chinese medicine, enhances the body protection against diseases and the ability of the body to remain healthy for a long time. It also tries to improve the way the body reacts and interacts with different aspects of life and the surroundings. Its views health as balanced and harmonious functioning of the body parts and the life energy (qi) along the meridians.

Herbal Medicine Still life

In Singapore, tcm is used to treat different types of diseases, even the complex ones like arthritis, metabolic diseases, aging diseases, asthma and allergy. Tcm in Singapore is also used to relieve pain (back pain, dental pain and headaches), treat all or some symptoms of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia through acupuncture. In some cases, though, it can be used in the treatment of stress disorders and in-vitro fertilization in women.


The following are the main treatment practices used by doctors using tcm in Singapore:


Moxibustion – mainly used for treatment of chronic conditions and cancer. It involves the use of the cigar shaped stick made mostly from herbs. When the stick is hot it helps the flow of energy (Qi) by placing it near the acupuncture points.


Herbal formulas – mainly used in conditions that have no pharmaceutical drugs. Tcm in Singapore combines 8 – 12 herbs to be prescribed in the form of pills, dried herbs or in an exact form. Herbs selected are usually rich in anti-bacteria, anti-viral and immune-modulating properties.


Tuina – mainly used for treatment of both non-musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal conditions. It targets the muscles and meridians in order to stimulate and enhance movements of the body parts. Treatment is applied through making contact with the affected places.


Qigong – mainly used to enhance physical and mental health. It involves balanced breathing, movements and intentions that are focused.


Cupping – mainly used to ease pain, improve blood circulation, lessen wheezing & coughs, reduce menstrual symptoms, etc. It involves placement of heated cups on the body, creating suctions on the skin. Sessions take 10 – 15 minutes and can or are repeated if the marks sustained from the last session are gone.


Acupressure – mainly focuses on enhancing blood circulation and releasing tensions. It focuses pressure on the meridians and acupuncture points by the use of things like wristbands.


Finally, when you visit a tcm doctor in Singapore, the doctor will first assess your health for signs of imbalances. Tcm doctors will record how your body behaves as a result of changes in temperatures, cold and other aspects of the environment. After a series of other tests, the doctor will then recommend the best way forward.

Why You Should Visit a Reputable TCM Clinic in Singapore 

Visiting a reputable TCM clinic in Singapore is very important if you are seeking comprehensive and in-depth traditional Chinese medicine solutions that will ensure your wholesome health and wellness. Using powerful and unique TCM practices, the practitioners in the clinic will offer you a wide array of therapies, treatments, and medication that will enable you to meditate, assess your health condition and avoid illnesses.


The focus of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners is to treat different pains that are related to the medical conditions of the patients. These include frozen shoulders, migraine, rheumatic arthritis, heel pain, waist, back and neck pain, and body injuries among others.

tcm clinic massage

You can also get preventative and wellness care at the clinic to improve your overall body functioning. If you suffer from insomnia, fatigue symptom, lentigo/chloasma and menopause syndrome you can also seek treatment in a TCM clinic. The clinic can also offer you rehabilitation and stroke prevention solutions.


Generally, when you visit a TCM clinic in Singapore you can get three broad categories of services. These are:


  • Acupuncture


  • Physician consultation and prescription


  • Tuina


The physicians at the clinic consider your health problem as a manifestation of the internal imbalances that are displayed through external symptoms. Therefore, they analyze the external symptoms to assess the state of your health. Using special diagnostic methods, the physicians are able to gather and analyze essential clinical information about your health condition.


After diagnosis, the physicians will use the collected clinical information and TCM principles in differentiating the disharmony pattern in your body. This way, they will come up with a customized treatment strategy that will correct the imbalances and bring the body to a state of equilibrium.


Different treatment modalities can be prescribed either singly or combined to treat your health problem. For instance, you can be given herbs that will improve your treatment efficacy while minimizing the side effects that some herbs may have on you. You can be asked to brew some herbs, mix them with water and then drink or take the herbs in their raw form.


The herbs can also be prepared in convenient concentrates in powder form and packed in sachets, pills, capsules or tablets. With tablets or capsules you do not need to cook them because you can easily consume them. Regardless of how the herbs are consumed, they are prepared specifically to provide effective preventative or curative treatment that targets the underlying cause of your health problem rather than the symptoms.


Nevertheless, visiting a reliable and reputable TCM clinic in Singapore is the best option for you if you want to achieve holistic healthcare that improves your health condition by fixing your internal body problems.

Important Facts About Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the very basic term that is given to the different types of treatments available in various parts of Asia. This type of therapy is termed as an alternative therapy in the western countries it is one of the major accepted mode of treatments in the Asian Countries.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy:

This type of therapy is based in a holistic approach. This medicine speaks all about balance. The practitioner does not look after the body part that is not functioning properly instead they consider the whole body as a system and take care of the overall health. It interlinks the mind, body and spirit and looks after the overall functioning of the body. According to this therapy any physical part or mental state of human body when gets disbalanced results in the illness of human beings.


Types of This Medicine and Therapy:

 full of chinese medicine doctor and  human body Acupoint model

The various types of the Chinese medicines are as follows:


Herbal medicine: This type of medicine comprises of herbs, roots and other natural ingredients that can treat illness and brings the body back to normal condition.


Acupuncture: This mode of treatment includes inserting very thin needles in certain points in your body. This is done to get relive from chronic pain, nervous system disorders and psychological disorders.


Cupping: This type of treatment involves special cups of glass that are heated by a flame or a smoke. When they are warm they are placed on the back where they suck up the skin in the cup. This type of treatment is used to cleanse the toxins from the body.


Physical and breathing exercise: This medicine also inspires people to take part in healthy exercises. Taichi, yoga, meditation, qigong and martial arts are the different types of exercises that can help you to have healthy body and soul.


Benefits of This Medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine can help you to overcome all sorts of mental and physical illness and give you a healthy life. It is very effective in curing conditions like back pain, nausea, vomiting, skim disorders, tennis elbow etc. with the help of natural processes and herbs it can help you to feel better with improved health. The herbal remedies and acupuncture has been effective amongst the patients in western countries and they believe in this mode of treatment.


For thousands of year’s traditional Chinese medicine proved to be a great mode of treatment for people worldwide. It is trusted and respected by millions of people across the world who have been benefitted by it. This type of treatment completely focuses on natural methods so there are no side effects of this type of treatment. It can finely eliminate the disharmony within the body and also with the environment and give a new life to an individual.

Orthopaedic singapore a one stop solution to all your muscloskelatal disorders

Injured woman at the doctor

In the modern active world, most people are prone to injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This is due to increased activities such as various types of sports, wrong sitting posture during working hours or even lifestyle conditions such as arthritis. Orthopedics is therefore medical specialty that aims at treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries of the body musculoskeletal system.


The complex body system comprises of the bones, spinal cord, joints, muscles, nerves and tendons. This body system is very important as it enables movement and activeness of the body. Orthopedic Singapore cares for all patients. It also deals with all ages from the children to athletes in need of orthopedic surgery and elderly people suffering from arthritis.


Orthopedic Singapore receives over a 100,000 orthopedic surgery patients every year. Their department is one of the oldest and established facilities in the region. It provides comprehensive consultations, diagnosis and treatment to their patients suffering from the musculoskeletal problems.


Their patients have grown trust on their services. The Orthopedic Singapore Centre enjoys a huge experience and hence sees all the challenges that their patients face. Their team of experts takes each and every individual through all the steps and process involved from diagnosis to treatment. It provides a complete solution that fits all the patient needs at one time. The convenience, guidance and peace of mind that they extend to their patients are unbelievable.

Radiografia caviglia

The Orthopedic Singapore Department offers a full scope of orthopedic care and services. It offers consultation and treatment to individuals that are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder. Below are some of the services that are provided by the department.


Adult restructuring services take care of every individual that are suffering from degenerative diseases, bone injuries, inflammatory bone disease and other ramifications. Some of the services are


  • Computer aided navigation surgery


  • Hip replacement in the young adult


  • Knee replacement


  • Invasive surgery for joint replacement and much more.


Spinal cord services specialize in the diagnosis of individuals with common spinal conditions. They offer both surgical and non surgical spinal services. They include


  • Cervical spine


  • Correction of scoliosis


  • Spinal tumors traumatic spine


  • Abnormal degeneration of spine




Ankle and foot are responsible for carrying our body weight while walking, jogging, and running or during any other sporting activities. This leaves them stressed and in need of various types of treatment. Orthopedic Singapore offers the following foot and ankle services


  • Fusion of the ankle


  • Reconstruction of crushed foot


  • Fractures of the foot and ankle


  • Reconstruction of the flat foot in adults.




Lastly, they offer a wide variety of orthopedic services that they can be written down on a whole medical book. Visit orthopedic Singapore and they will solve your problem under one roof.

Traditional Chinese Herbs at TCM Clinic in Singapore written

chinese food therapy, traditional chinese herbal medicine

Herbs have always played a part in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and today many hundreds of herbs are still used when making up natural herbal remedies. Many traditional Chinese herbs, such as Gingko Biloba, are now being sold as food supplements around the world, and the healing power of traditional Chinese herbs is widely recognized. Gingko Biloba has gone on to become one of the top selling supplements in the world, and is known to treat circulation problems. It is also now being added to many popular brands of skin creams, as scientists have discovered Gingko Biloba can treat wrinkles.


Chinese herbs are a popular treatment choice at a TCM clinic in Singapore. Practitioners prescribe teas, and they can offer tailor made solutions to a patient’s problems. The healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine should never be underestimated, and many remedies are just as effective as conventional treatments. As a matter of fact, many of our modern day conventional prescription drugs are based on herbs which are still being used by Chinese herbalists.




Perhaps one of the best known Chinese herbs is Ginseng. This remedy is derived from the root of Ginseng which is traditionally prepared as a tea. Today however, it is also available in liquid or powder format which makes it more convenient for the patient. Ginseng is a remedy which really belongs and fits in with our modern lives, and treats many common ailments. It is known that Ginseng (renshen) can be used to treat blood pressure problems, regulating blood sugar, improve fatigue and also enhance the way our immune system functions. When prescribed by a practitioner of Chinese herbalism, it is a safe and reliable treatment.


Herbal Medicine Still life


Rhubarb (danuang) is another favorite remedy used by Chinese herbalists. We often think of it as a garden plant which we might use when baking a pie, but this versatile herb can be used as a laxative and will promote better appetite. It also known to treat cases of inflammation, and many sufferers of arthritis have reported an improvement in their condition when using the root of Rhubarb.




Herbalists at a TCM clinic in Singapore often recommend many natural remedies based on herbs. The healing properties of some herbs can be enhanced when mixed with others, whilst others such as Ginger root, can successfully be used to treat poor blood circulation, colds and many inflammatory diseases on its own. We often think of herbal treatments as a less powerful alternative to conventional treatments, but in fact many of them are more effective when it comes to treating our aches and pains.

Tui Na:The Best Chinese Medicine For Massage

Tui Na is a Chinese therapeutic for massage. The word Tui Na was first discovered during the Ming Dynasty. It was guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was first used to treat pediatric disease through the massage manipulations.


Woman having a massage

In the ancient Chinese Tui na was considered as the form of external massage that is used to provide special treatments to people of different ages that is from infancy to old age people. Recently the ChineseTui na is used in many hospitals in China in the frontline of healthcare. It has been treatment for a number of diseases.


The Chinese Tui na is sub-divided today into different specialized treatments for adults, rehabilitation, infants, cosmetology, sport medicine, orthopedics and many more. The therapy works better with the positive energy of your body. A typical session of the Chinese Tui na will depend on you needs and condition as a may vary from 30 minutes to one hour.

Woman having a massage

The Chinese Tui na has been used to aid in treatment of chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions as well as a number of non-musculoskeletal conditions. A person using the Chinese Tui na will not experience pain in different parts of the body like back, neck, legs, ankle disorders, legs, highs, hips and many more.


The Chinese Tui na focus is to maintain the overall balance with both mental and physical health. This has been considered as its greatest advantage when it comes to treatment of people. You can alleviate pain caused by drugs or chemicals by adopting the Chinese Tui na message technique. The Chinese Tui na focuses on specific problems and not just general treatment has made it popular therapy.


In China different traditional medical schools vary in their approach to Chinese Tui na but the discipline is included in modern China hospitals as a standard aspect of treatment while in the west (for example UK) it is taught in some acupuncture schools as part of curriculum.

The Reason why More People visit a TCM clinic today 


For a long time, a lot of people kept their distance from traditional Chinese medicine for most of its concepts are not backed up with enough scientific data. In tcm, people who have hot tempers are prone to fever or inflammation issues in different parts of the body. Though perceived to be true in the field of traditional medicine for thousands of years already, no clear scientific data could explain it. Today, a lot of researches are conducted to support concepts of traditional medicines or what others call alternative medicine. With such studies, a lot of people are starting to know more about this kind of treatment.


The increase in studies on TCM does not only provide more information about it, but it also paved the way for possibilities of more research. Most experts in alternative medicines who conduct these studies make some of their findings available to the public not only for awareness but also to spike the interest of their colleagues. A certain study in one field of traditional medicine could lead to various findings and these could become useful to a lot of people. When enough researches are done to support claims in alternative medicines, it could open the doors for the authentication and standardization of these studies thus making it more credible when used for medicine development.


A lot of people today are starting to believe that their lifestyle is one of the main culprits of their health dilemmas. And this is one of the concepts believed by traditional Chinese medicine experts. It somehow shows that people are starting to embrace some of the notions in traditional medicine. As more and more people accept the ideas of TCM, they become more open to this treatment. To the surprise of many, traditional medicine works pretty well especially for health cases which are not related to dysfunction of major organs in the body. For example, people who experiences frequent body pain would be surprise that alternative treatments on a tcm clinic work best and provide longer relief compared to regularly taking prescribe medicines.


For many years, Western Medicine gravely ignored traditional medicine for they believe that it is not science. Thus, it does not provide a clear path for a healthier and disease-free body. However, in recent years, a lot of scientists and clinicians are gaining interest with this alternative medicine mainly because of the fact that it worked on a lot of people. With more physicians today acknowledging the effectiveness of such treatment, people who seek for treatment are somehow encouraged to visit a tcm clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

Guide to the Benefits of Tcm

Traditional Chinese Medicine commonly known as tcm is a medical practice that has been prominent in China for over 2000 years. It’s being adopted in the western world as an alternative to contemporary medicine. This medical practice is based on qi, the “life energy” which flows throughout the body and connects to the environment. Traditional Chinese Medicine has many benefits which include the following.


Use of natural healing techniques


As mentioned, this treatment method is based on keeping qi balanced. The Chinese believe that nature provides the best products to maintain qi balanced. As such, the practice makes use of natures products to provide healing. This reduces the risk of side effects which are common in contemporary prescription drugs.


Millenia of proof


Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest medical practices in existence today. Rather than die out like other practices, it’s actually becoming more popular. Documentation exists to show that tcm is indeed effective in treating different types of disease. In addition, several scientific studies support the practice as effective and safe.


Holistic approach


Contemporary medicine usually aims at treating the disease and not its cause. As such, you will end up taking more drugs but not getting cured. Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches a disease from an individual based perspective. Each patient is considered unique. Therefore, the diagnosis and treatment provided for two different patients with the same disease will usually differ.


Emphasis on disease prevention


Tcm isn’t only just about treating disease; it’s also about preventing it. That’s why it’s usually associated with increasing the body’s vitality and longevity. Majority of the Traditional Chinese Medicine practices will treat a disease and at the same time prevent it from recurring.




Some of the techniques and herbs used in Chinese medicine might seem expensive for most. However, they are actually cheaper than contemporary medicine in the long run. Using Chinese medicine will lead to curing of a condition. Contemporary medicine on the other hand leaves the patient continuously taking drugs for a long time.



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